WBS(Work Breakdown Structure)

(WBS is a method of completing a complex, multistep project)

WBS(Work Breakdown Structure)

Work Breakdown Structure-

WBS is a method of completing a complex, multistep project. it is a way to divide and conquer large projects to get things done faster and more efficiently.

Elements of WBS

There are 4 major elements of WBS.

  1. Program
  2. Task
  3. Work Package
  4. Work Unit

Program- Long term objective(Whole scope of the project)

Task- Measurable activities that create a small unit of work

Work Package- Division of Task

Work Package- Division of Work Package

WBS Types

  1. Delivery Oriented

  2. Phase Oriented

Deliverable-Oriented Work Breakdown Structure

A deliverable-oriented WBS first breaks down the project into major areas of the project scope and then divides those into project deliverables and work packages.

it helps, project managers to see the total scope of a project and how each deliverable is related to one another.


Phase-Oriented Work Breakdown Structure(Process Oriented) A process-oriented WBS defines a project in terms of steps, and work phases. This type of WBS is focused on the steps that need to be taken within individual disciplines to complete a project.

It ensures that high-quality processes have been placed throughout your project.


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