How to upgrade Angular to version 10

How to upgrade Angular to version 10

Let’s discuss, how to upgrade Angular to version 10. I hope, that by the end of this article you will know how to upgrade Angular to version 10.

Updates in Angular 10-

Angular Updates- Angular Material also added a new component with “Date-picker” i.e. date-picker with range.

Angular Update- Strict Mode- Angular 10 provide more stricter type checking. it is optional, it can be added while creating new project with “ng new –strict” command. if you have existing project and migrated in angular 10 then you can enable it from tsconfig.json file.

Angular Update- CommonJs warnings- Angular 10 will provide optimization related warning in terminal itself. So developer can look on those warnings and improve their application performance.

Angular Update- Ecosystem

1.Typescript Upgraded to Typescript 3.9

2. tsLint Upgraded to tsLint v6

3. TSLIb Upgraded to TSLIb 2.0

4. Additional file tsconfig.base.json with tsconfig.json

Angular Update- Commands

If you are using angular-material in your project then please upgrade that too with following command else you can ignore ng update for angular-material and run second command directly.

ng update @angular/material

and then run

ng update @angular/cli @angular/core