How to setup Flutter on windows

How to setup Flutter on windows

Here we will discuss how to set up Flutter environment successfully on windows machine and start building beautiful apps.


Step 1 — Visit “” it will start downloading files automatically.

OR- Visit and click on below mentioned button on that page.

The extract your folder in any drive and navigate to bin folder inside it and copy path from address bar

Step 2 — Now to run flutter from any where from your machine, Environment path needs to setup. So follow below steps

2.1 Go to pc menu and click on properties

2.2 Click on Advanced system settings

2.3 Click on Advance tab and then click on Environment Variable Button

2.4 Select path and click on edit button

2.5 Click on new button and add your copied path from step 1 in new field like highlighted and press okay.

2.6 Open your terminal from anywhere and run command flutter doctor. Now you can create your app from any drive in system

Step 2- Install Android Studio, if Install Android Studio already installed on you system then skip this step and move to next step

Click here to download Android Studio

Once android Studio installed Create your virtual device using click of AVD Icon on your studio(ref-highlighted icon)

Warning- Before creating virtual device, please be sure that virtual technology is Enabled on your system or not. without virtual technology Enabled, It will not work.

Steps to Enable virtual technology

  1. Restart your system and press key to go Bios on startup. like ESC key on HP laptop

2. Then there will some tab, navigate to those tabs, you will find virtual technology, Just then Enable it.

3. Now press save key(like F10, will be mentioned there in bottom area of screen).

Once virtual technology is Enabled on your system create an Virtual device as mentioned above and run a device

Step 3-

Now navigate to Any directory where you want to create your first App.

open terminal in that directory and run command

flutter create appName (appName is your project name)

then run command

flutter run

first time this command will take time, So be relaxed, and once it get downloaded it’s all dependencies, your app will load in virual device (simulator).

Happy Coding and enjoy creating beautiful apps.