AWS Snow Family — Overview

AWS Snow Family — Overview

Migrate large amounts of data into and out of the cloud without depending on networks.

Overview — AWS Snow Family is a group of devices that transport data in and out of cloud. The goal is to create low-cost devices that move data offline. we can rent a snow device for the migration of data.

Snow devices are well-tested in the most extreme conditions and provide high security in computing and storage devices.

AWS Snow Family key features

  • AWS OpsHub is a complimentary graphical user interface (GUI) available to makes it easy to setup and manage Snow devices.

  • Each device is inspected after each use to ensure the integrity of the device and helps preserve the confidentiality of your data.

  • Once the data migration job is complete and verified, AWS performs a software erasure of the device.

  • NIST(National Institute of Standards and Technology) guidelines sre followed for software erasure of the device and sanitization.

  • Each device uses an E-Ink shipping label for easy tracking.

  • Applications can use snow devices as NFS (network file system) endpoints.

  • Devices are automatically encrypted with 256-bit encryption keys that are managed by the AWS Key Management Service.

AWS Snow Family Service models

AWS Snowcone

AWS Snow cone is the most compact and ultra-portable device, available with SSD or HDD options.

Snowcone device offers edge computing, data storage, and data transfer on-the-go, in austere environment with little or no connectivity.

Use cases-

  1. Transmit crucial data in real-time with built-in Wi-Fi and AWS DataSync, Can be used on drones too
  1. Gather IoT data in extreme conditions

  2. deploy a portable device nearly anywhere and get the computation, storage, and network accessibility we require from it.

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AWS Snowball

Easily migrate terabytes of data to the cloud without limits in storage capacity or compute power.

It handles computing tasks with minimal to no connectivity and accelerates application performance in remote, sterile edge locations.

It protects data in transit with Snowball’s ruggedized chassis, integrated logistics, and tamper-evident box, and get data to the right place as soon as possible.

Use cases-

  1. Move databases, backups, archives, healthcare records, analytics datasets, IoT sensor data with petabyte-scale.

  2. You can Run Amazon Machine Images on Amazon EC2 Instance and distribute AWS Lambda code using machine learning or other applications on Snowball Edge devices.

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AWS Snowmobile

Migrate or transport exabyte-scale datasets into and out of AWS.

Quick and fast data transfer up to 100 petabytes in few weeks.

Protect data in a tamper-resistant, water-resistant, and temperature-controlled container with very less physical access.

Use cases-

  1. Quickly move huge volumes of data to the cloud even a complete data centre.

  2. 24/7 video surveillance, tamper-resistant hardware, GPS tracking, data encryption, and optional security personnel.

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